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1. Geographical advantage:

Port of Hualien is one of the trade and export center in Asia, convenient for exportation.

2.  Our main equipment are imported:

All our gang saws and polishing machines are imported from Italy.

3. Quality is our priority:

Data manage all workflow quality, not ever change the parameters to increase production capacity.

4. Troubleshooting:

Repair fissure and dots. Reduce the Natural defect to the lowest level.  

  • Our Clients are from worldwide.

  • Constructing company

  • Architect

  • Designer

  • Engineering Company

  • Warehouses

  • Trading Company



Favour Stone was established in Hualien, Taiwan. We have become well known for the quality of stone and quality of service that we deliver to our clients. The unique relationship with our factory as well as many others gives us the ability to keep quality as our highest priority, and allows us to give that quality to our customers at a price that is competitive in today’s natural stone market.
Our product line focuses on the granite, marble, and quartzite slab industry. We have a courteous and knowledgeable staff that would love to assist you in any way we can to help make your project a success.
Favour Stone established in 1990, engaged in professional granite processing operations. We are specialized in processing granite around the world, and help our customers to ship the goods throughout the world (Export/Domestic sales ratio: 80%/20%). With cumulative over 25 years of experience with imported  equipments, we have a very good reputation in the industry.


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