Site Granite gang saw (Breton)                                               x6  

Polishing machine with 17 grinding head (Breton)          x1

Polishing machine with 20 grinding head (Perdrini)        x1

Wire saw (Pellecrini)                                                                  x1

Block cutting machine                                                               x1

Resining line                                                                                 x1

Block overturn machine                                                            x1

Glue machine                                                                                x1

Camera set                                                                                     x1

Slabs Scanner                                                                               x1




1. Geographical advantage:

Port of Hualien is one of the trade and export center in Asia,  convenient for exportation.

2.  Our main equipment are imported:

All our gang saws and polishing machines are imported from Italy.

3. Quality is our priority:

Data manage all workflow quality, not ever change the parameters to increase production capacity.

4. Troubleshooting:

Repair fissure and dots. Reduce the Natural defect to the lowest level.